Course Guideline
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Visual Programming

Visual programming languages use blocks that connect together to form a program. For younger students, this is the best way to learn coding as it focuses on the logic, problem solving and critical thinking skills without getting hampered on typing and syntax. It provides quick feedback and results to encourage and keep your child engaged.

  • Scratch - This is the gold standard on starting out in coding. Create animations, stories and games on this platform developed by MIT.
  • MIT App Inventor - Make creating Android mobile apps easy by using this platform that leverages the Google Blockly language.
  • Minecraft Modding with EpicMC Modly - Learn coding with Minecraft on WhizKidz's own unique platform at EpicMC Rocks using Google's Blockly language.
  • ScratchJr - This is the precursor to Scratch for those that want to get an early start in technology.
  • Kodu - Create 3D games with just a few clicks and very little typing for those that want to get an early start in technology.

Traditional Programming

Traditional programming languages are text-based languages taught in colleges and used in the software industry. WhizKidz offers an entire series of classes for the most popular languages so you can work your way from the beginning to become an expert.

  • Web Dev (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) - Learn to create your own dynamic and interactive web site.
  • Python - Python is an easy-to-learn, general purpose language used in the real-world for building test infrastructure, internal scripts, often used for machine learning, and creating standalone and web applications.
  • Java - Java is one of the top languages used by enterprises for building large web applications and standalone applications. The AP Computer Science A exam, where you can earn college credits for passing this exam, is based on Java.
  • C++ - C++ is the language of choice for many operating systems, embedded devices, games, and some of the most popular applications like the web browser. In addition, many colleges will require you to take C++ if you are a computer science major.
  • PHP - PHP is the most widely used server-side language for building web sites.

Domain-Specific Courses

These include gaming, robotics, electronics, and competitive classes that provide a well-rounded education in technology.

  • Roblox Studio - Design and implement games in the metaverse world of Roblox using the Lua programming language.
  • Robotics - WhizKidz has classes for the MakeBlock mBot and a DIY robot based on Arduino.
  • Raspberry Pi - This computer on a card can connect to the outside world with various sensors and is a great way to learn Linux.
  • Arduino - Use this microcontroller to learn about electronics and connect to the outside world with various sensors.
  • Unity Game Programming - Build professional 2D and 3D games using one of the most popular game engines and the C# programming language.
  • HackerRank - Learn various programming skills and earn stars and badges in this popular web site used by the top companies for hiring.
  • USACO - Learn algorithmic programming and participate in the most prestigious contests offered by USA Computing Olympiad (USACO).